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September 15, 1957 - December 3, 1993

Kenneth L. Claggett was arrested for Nelson's murder Friday morning, May 4, 2007

He pled guilty to Voluntary Manslaughter on November 27, 2007.

He was released immediately following the hearing after having served a 223 day sentence.

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Dear Nelson,

 There has never been, nor will there ever be, anyone like you.  You had more courage than anyone Iíve ever known. Nothing frightened you.

Nelson, you did more in 36 years than most people do in a lifetime.  Iíll never feel like you didnít do enough, only that you could have done even more.

Iím going to miss you.  The world is going to miss you.  The world has lost a very precious gift: you.

I feel so grateful that we got so close Ė that you got to know me and I got to know you.  But mostly, Iím grateful that you got to know yourself.  Nelson, Iím glad that you died clean and sober.  I know God was there with you.

I feel like I was special to you.  I know you were special to me.  I am so grateful for the last 20 months.  I was so looking forward to your 2-year sobriety anniversary, but I guess I should have known what you always knew - that all we ever really have is today.  There is no other.

Everyone who knew you will never forget you.  You live on in our hearts always.  Your spirit will never die.  No spirit has ever been so strong.  You did not have an easy time in this life, but you never seemed to mind.  You took lifeís blows as they came and always followed your dreams no matter what the price.  I always admired you for that.

It seems so senseless.  Nelson, I will miss you.  We will all miss you.  Your friends number in the hundreds.  We will never forget one so spirited as you.

As you fly with the angels, keep in touch.

I love you,


Written by Nelson's sister and read at his memorial service