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September 15, 1957 - December 3, 1993

Kenneth L. Claggett was arrested for Nelson's murder Friday morning, May 4, 2007

He pled guilty to Voluntary Manslaughter on November 27, 2007.

He was released immediately following the hearing after having served a 223 day sentence.

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Nelson chose to live...


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Nelson’s Way

You loved life with a passion,
Some say you lived too fast.
But you knew ever after,
That Life would never last.

You lived with
such intensity,
You always gave me joy.
I admired that glee filled immensity
Of you, so determined to enjoy.

You always made me look at things
In a different kind of way.
You could always make me see
A lighter side of day.

And you, with all your demons,
They haunted you, it seemed.
But you could always find a way
To see a brighter day.

I am grateful for the gift of you.
Never would I choose to do
It Over.
… Only Again.

Once I was your teacher,
Once I was your healer,
But now it is you
Showing me
The Way.

- By Nelson’s sister, Cindy Minter